The Valencian company Embention, UAV, UAS, RPAS and drones developer, applies military technology to firefighting on his Flamingo project. It enables to proceed at night and on high wind conditions.

David Benavente is the promoter of Embention Intelligent System, Valencian company awarded with the Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs award in technology-based companies category. His invention lies in firefighting with UAV and UAS.

Firefighting with 100 air-to-ground missiles

Transcript of the interview: Firefighting with 100 bombs

Where did the idea of Embention Intelligent Systems arise from?

I started my thesis in the United States and Canada where I worked with similar systems that I apply in my company. Some military applications that are used today are similar but I thought that this technology could be used for other purposes such as fire detection but then I realized that there really the business is not in the detection but in the extinction.

How is applied the military technology to a fire?

Embention is a company of unmanned aircraft that allows firefighting by air-ground missiles that reach the flames because they are guided by to a GPS location.

I had heard about “kill flies with gunshot”, but ¿extinguish fires with missiles?

The missile has two parts. On the one hand there is a tank filled with fire extinguisher material with a capacity of 60 liters on a first version and the another part which installs the guidance on-board electronics and control system, fins, etc… This part is which is responsible of taking the deposit to the area where the fire is.

What appearance have it?

It looks like a one meter by around 30 centimeters missile.

Who are your target customers?

Public agencies both in Spain and abroad. Here, firefighting is the responsibility of the local councils but also the Ministry of Environment and any other body engaged in extinguishing fires could be our client.

What advantage offers its firefighting system versus those that exist today?

We send missiles from a plane between 1000 and 3000 meters. They can be used in windy conditions, at night and in places that are inaccessible by land, that is, we can put out fires when others cannot. In many cases, the fire grows and makes the situation worse because fighting services cannot work at night or with wind.

What extinguishing capability has its technology?

We will perform a demonstration soon. With 100 air-ground missiles we will put out a fire. Our technology extinguishes fire by cooling and by the removal of the oxygen on impact effect.

What good is received the prize of Bancaja?

It gives us visibility. We are a small company but the Bancaja Entrepreneurs Award enables us to have a good cover letter.