A project of forest fire control with intelligent systems for aircrafts, promoted by the ilicitana company Embention, has been the winner of the 2008 Enterprising Award of the Everis Foundation. The business project of Embention was created in 2007 for the development and commercialization of proprietary and innovative intelligent systems in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV, UAS, RPAS and Drones)

Embention is a business project founded by the aeronautical engineer David Benavente. Their systems are based on a machine vision software that allows studying the photographs of the fronts of the fires and control the aircrafts during operations of extinction.

In this regard, the forest fires data show that existing methods such as observation towers or forest guard, are not enough. Embention suggests as action plan the use the newest advances in laser technology, satellite, network of sensors, cameras, etc. for improved detection in combination.

Embention, which has an international business sphere, is formed by 7 people working group with previous experience in USA, Canada, Japan and China, among others. The project, in addition to the award, won support from Neotec (CDTI), La Caixa Seed, BBVA Entrepreneurs and the Regional Ministry of Industry on the Generalitat Valenciana.

Enterprising Award of the Everis Foundation 2008 Embention

Support from the Everis Foundation

After obtaining the Everis Foundation Enterprising Award, founded in 2001 and headed by former Minister Eduardo Serra, Embention perceived orientation and regular monitoring from the Everis Foundation that supported the promotion of the business project. In that cycle of support, David Benavente had direct link with Fernando Francés, Everis Chairman. Quoting Fernando Francés, “Two years ago Everis invested in Embention, and integrated it within the initiative of “Aerospace and Defense”, initiative on which Everis has investment in other 8 sector companies. Last year, Embention succeeded a big turnover in works about the “autopilot” for unmanned aircraft (Veronte). Last year he also worked on improving this autopilot and in the approval process of system for forest fires shutdown (Flamingo)”.