The previous Thursday 7th May it was held in Feria Valencia the Entrepreneur Day where Embention presented Flamingo system.

This system was achieved after a great development in the field of UAS, specifically, focusing this technology in the field of forest-fire fight and control in unfavorable environments such as: night time, adverse weather conditions or inaccessible locations, being the operation with other means non-viable. This system is a guided bomb controlled by INS/GPS and other sensors merging. It consists of two parts a 200 L deposit loaded with a retardant solution and a control unit that can be easily recovered after the operation, it is separated instants before the collision and lands with the aid of a parachute for its reuse.

Another top product developed by Embention that is also part of Flamingo system, it is Veronte Autopilot, a control system for UAV, UAS, RPAS and drones.

Entrepreneur Day 2009

Success of influx at the Entrepreneur Day

The predictions were exceeded with a 6% of increase in concurrency from the previous edition, the event hosted more than 4.500 entrepreneurs that attended the various exhibitions and workshops held at the macro-day. As observation of care caused by the Entrepreneur Day, it can be stated that more than 500 projects were exposed to contests to the 14 existing categories. Twice more than the past year. The macro-day once again emphasizes the strong involvement of all those who understand the act as a way for the council to grow.

Throughout the day the public could enjoy lectures on entrepreneurial behaviors and experiences, make networking and card swap, discover new instruments to advance their projects, be counseled on various points for starting and strengthening their company and pay attention to the stories of entrepreneurs who have achieved recognition as business masters like Bernardo Hernández or Luigi Valdes.