The Entrepreneur Day of the Valencian Community will take place at the Palacio de Congresos de Valencia. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the most noteworthy activities undertaken by entrepreneurs in the fields set by different categories to assess the effort and ability of individuals and entities that have executed it, showing examples to encourage to take innovative initiatives and generally, to encourage entrepreneurship among participants and society in general.

The categories convened on the Entrepreneur Day have been thirteen: Best Business Project sponsored by BBVA, Best Idea Cooperative Enterprise, Best Business Project by Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Best Business Project by people with more than age of 45, Best Entrepreneur Project in the field ICT, Best Jointly responsible Project to Sustainable Development, Best Business Project by Young Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Solidarity Company, Best Innovative Project by Women Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Entity of Territorial Level, Entrepreneur XXI to the company with greater growth potential, best entrepreneur project in rural areas and Entrepreneurial Education Center.

Exposure of the Entrepreneur Day 2008 - Embention

Initiative presented by Embention on the Entrepreneur Day

Its main product, Flamingo (Forest Flames Intelligent Outputter) is a smart bomb designed specifically for extinguishing fire fronts in forest fires. They are smart bombs, as ‘projectiles’ that are launched from an aircraft or from the ground, with extinguishing elements prepared to tackle the start of fire.

Benavente, along with a group of aeronautical, mechanical, telecommunications and agronomists engineers conform his company, Embention, and have created this type low cost bombs that flies totally independently. Each projectile has a control unit, where are placed inertial sensors and GPS, a separation system, an artificial vision module, and a container with the extinguishing component that can reach up to 60 liters in the first version.

This system enables nocturnal extinction, acting in inaccessible areas, in adverse weather conditions and with high winds. Facilitating increased rapidity of action and precision in the distribution of the extinguishing agent.