ENISA support

The National Innovation Company ENISA cheers Embention providing technical and financial support. ENISA is a public company from the National Ministry of Industry, which has several lines to support the creation, growth and consolidation of business projects, as the one given to Embention.

ENISA promotes business project developed by entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in any sector, except for real estate and finance. After a depth analysis of the company and expectations in the medium and long term, ENISA supports embention thanks to the viability and quality of the business plan submitted. This type of programs are intended to accompany SMEs during their life cycle, either in the phases of creation, in growth or market consolidation.

Torres Quevedo Program support

The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the European Social Fund for incorporating human resources dedicated to R & D and innovation in Spain also stimulates the growth of Embention through the Torres Quevedo program.

Torres Quevedo program is supporting two in-house program developed by Embention:


Veronte Autopilot avionics system is a high performance control system for self-control of unmanned platforms. Veronte installs a set of sensors and processors for advanced control of UAV, RPAS, UGV, USV, drones, robots, etc… + Info


Guided bomb that flies completely autonomously through the merger of INS / GPS and other sensors. With a load of 200 L of retardant or fire extinguisher, allows both direct fire-fighting operations and creating chemical firewall. Flamingo is composed of two main elements, the control unit; which is responsible for navigation functions and control guidance, and the suppression unit; which houses the extinguishing agent. It also incorporates a recovery mechanism that allows the separation of the control unit and a parachute release just before the impact, allowing the recovery of this component. + Info