The company Embention Sistemas Inteligentes, created by two young entrepreneurs is hosted at the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI) from Elche, Embention has been formed to develop and commercialize two lines of own products related to the market for unmanned aircraft of low cost. This company, reported yesterday the CEEI, has won three sections of the list of technological problems at the Gesta 2007 contest sponsored by the Impiva.

Gesta Program

The Gesta program encourages the participation of SMEs in generating advanced technology solutions of general interest that they will favor industrial progress of the Comunitat Valencian. The novelty of this project lies in the methodology, since the lines are drawn from the Impiva in terms of content and projects. The desirable point of arrival for each project is to obtain a patent.

The endpoints considered in the convening of Gesta program seek to strengthen the novelty and relevance scientific of the ideas presented. It also will assess the simplicity and credibility of the proposed solution as well as the economic benefits of a product that is marketable easily.

The five large areas of objectives set by the Impiva with Gesta program are focused on energy saving, road safety, environment, improvement of industrial processes and in biotechnology (from the health sector to improve field of agriculture):

  • Energy. Prevail projects to reduce energy expenditure in domestic and industrial air conditioning, hydrogen production and increased efficiency in photovoltaic.
  • Security. Highlights a mechanism to better identify vehicles with priority and as a fatigue detector that informs the driver at all times his state.
  • Environment. There are several projects to detect and control wildland fires in remote locations with unmanned aerial vehicles. Also for detection and assessment of groundwater unexcavated.
  • Industrial processes. The technology applied to the world of industry has programs ranging from humidity control of the development of the laser, through by the product inspection without opening it. The simulation for engine of racing motorcycle has a specific point.
  • Biotechnology. It is the largest section. Considers objectives such as improved treatments with chemotherapy or against Alzheimer’s, as well as sterilization of surgical equipment not exceeding 37 degrees or early detection of parasites in palm trees by the red palm weevil.