We are glad to announce the partnership between Embention and Sagetech Avionics. Sagetech Avionics is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of miniature aviation transponders, and Embention, the leading supplier of critical components for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This partnership allows Embention, adding Sagetech’s transponders, to offer a full certified situational awareness during the piloting of UAVs.

“We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Embention to provide the smallest, most durable avionics suite for drone manufacturers”, said Sagetech Avionics CEO Tom Furey. “The integration of reliable systems like Embention’s Veronte Autopilot and Sagetech Avionics’ XP or MX transponders with ADS-B, ensure the safe integration of unmanned aircraft in congested airspace, over long-range, beyond line of sight (BLOS), and at night.”

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a standard surveillance technology which enables an aircraft’s position to be tracked by other aircraft and Air Traffic Control ground stations. With ADS-B Out, each aircraft periodically broadcasts information about itself, such as identification, current position, altitude and velocity, through an onboard transponder. Installing a receiver (ADS-B In) a manned or unmanned aircraft can gain a clear picture of traffic in its surrounding area. Sagetech Avionics’ MX platform is the only UAS transponder with integrated ADS-B In and Out technology.

Embention Partners with Sagetech to Achieve Full Situation Awareness in Unmanned Flight

“ADS-B technology is the go-to method of ensuring safe utilization of airspace” added Furey. “We are pleased to make this capability simple and easy to use through plug-and-play compatibility with advanced autopilots like the Veronte Autopilot. We’re excited to provide advanced safety systems and world-class flight control in an integrated suite of low size, weight and power airborne electronics”.

One of the reasons why Embention chose Sagetech transponders was due to their proven compatibility with its flagship solution, the Veronte Autopilot. Veronte Autopilot is a miniaturized, high reliable, DO178C &DO254 compliant avionics system designed for advanced control of unmanned systems. Veronte Autopilot is a small, compact system containing a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors combined with LOS and BLOS M2M datalink radio. Sagetech transponders integrate seamlessly with Veronte Autopilot providing the user with Detect &Avoid capabilities that automatically generate a repealing force surrounding the position of the aircraft. This repealing force will prevent the drone from entering restricted airspace and prevent collisions with other aircraft.

The use of transponders and autopilots in compliance with aviation standards is a decisive step for drone integration within the controlled airspace” said Javier Espuch, Business Development Manager at Embention. In addition to providing vital tracking visibility and situational awareness, Sagetech transponder’s unique miniature size and weight, combined with the small design of the Veronte Autopilot, drastically reduce overall drone weight, increase fuel capacity and time on station as compared to more traditional avionics equipment.