As a company specialized in the elaboration of detailed reports, “Markets N Research” is the biggest research dossiers database, especially about drone autopilots manufacturers. As usual, it has recently presented its annual 2017 report about the global drone autopilot market, where Embention is highlighted.

Markets N Research is an international editorial focused on in-deep analysis of the global market, as well as it is a consultancy specialized in market research in order to help companies to find their best business strategy and to be aware about their commercial environment. In addition to its annual reports about different sectors in the market, it also prepares tailored-reports to fulfil client’s needs.

Specifically, this 2017 annual report about the global drone autopilots market considers the state of the market and its perspectives at a regional and global scale, from the point of view of autopilots manufacturers as well as products and industries that provide services with drones. The report analyzes in detail the best manufacturers in the regions with bigger growing perspectives at a global scale, where Embention is included, and divides the market attending to the kind of product, applications and end-user industries such as video-surveillance, agriculture and forestry, geology, research… concluding that the drone autopilots market at a global scale does not stop growing up, and it is not expected to reach its limits until 2022.

Embention is included in the Global Drone Autopilot Market 2017 report - Veronte Autopilot 4x Redundant

Companies within the Global Drone Autopilot Market 2017 report

Some companies listed as standing out enterprises in the global drone autopilot market are: manufacturers of complete autopilots for drones, drone autopilots for computer assisted flights and drone autopilots for manual flights. On this list Embention is highlighted together with other companies focused on the manufacture of professional autopilots such as Cloud Cap and MicroPilot.

Embention has been listed as an international company of hardware founded in 2007, designing, manufacturing and configuring high-quality custom-made UAVs. Besides, its production is focused in components, electronic accessories and critical systems for unmanned vehicles (UVs), where its main product is underlined: the ITAR free Veronte Autopilot, available in triple redundant version.