Embention has confirmed its attendance as speaker to ICAO Drone Enable, together with other global leaders in the field of civil aviation. This event will take place in a few weeks, in September 22nd and 23rd at ICAO headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Embention is invited to attend due to the maturity and potential of application of its systems in a global scale.

ICAO Drone Enable is the first world-level symposium where the latest developments regarding to unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems will be exposed. Nowadays, UTM systems are one of the main issues in the UAV sector, since regulations for the use of UAS, RPAS or drones are not developed enough yet, becoming necessary to reach a compatible scenario with the Air Traffic Management (ATM) without limiting the potential of unmanned technology.

Embention asistirĂ¡ como ponente al OACI Drone Enable - Presenters logos

Main topics addressed by Embention at ICAO Drone Enable

Embention has been developing avionic critical systems along the last ten years, making of Veronte Autopilot its main product. This autopilot has been developed to be a key element in any UTM system, embedding redundant sensors and high reliability rugged connectors; all this together with 4G communication modules to control any UAV from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Veronte Autopilot allows automations, which are a key element in order to permit the management of UAVs by UTM solutions that will be addressed at ICAO Drone Enable. With these automations, it is possible to activate automatic actions such as safety maneuvers regarding to going back to the last waypoint or reacting after an Air Traffic Control command; these automations are triggered after specific and customized events such as surpassing the limit altitude, flying over a no-fly area and so on.

In addition, among other issues that will be addressed at ICAO Drone Enable, every Veronte Autopilot is registered in Veronte Cloud during the manufacturing process, permitting to be identified and track their operations by public authorities at any time. All this without forgetting that 4G communications modules constantly report to cloud services telemetry and other data of special relevance.