The UAV industry is in continuous transformation, which makes learning and development a challenge for an HR specialist in this sector or what we like to say, a constant stimulation to improve.

The drone industry started no longer than 40 years ago and at Embention we are proud to say that we have 15 years of experience developing high-performance systems for UAVs.

Organizational climate and open communication

Research, development and innovation is our key to success. We understand that in this VUCA world that we are living in, it is necessary to adapt and predict future needs. What was great a few years ago will no longer be efficient nor suitable in a short period of time and that’s why being constantly updated is vital. With the help of the HR team, our CEO, David Benavente, needs to read into these necessities in order to cover them applying different tools and services for the team.

As a general rule, we don’t tend to find the tools we need in the market, since it is a very young and specific industry. Therefore, we organize different types of internal and external training, encouraging our employees to open their minds and brainstorm, sharing their thoughts and initiatives.

 At Embention we believe in the importance of organizational climate in order to create an atmosphere that encourages open communication among all departments. For this reason, we embrace an open door management policy. We are happy and proud to share that the result of our internal survey has shown that friendship between colleagues is one of our top values. This strong relationship and ease of communication between employees allows internal training to come naturally on a daily basis.

We all work together (engineers, mathematics, electricians…) combining different perspectives in order to create products and services that exceed our clients desires.

Embention embraces an open door policy as the key to success

CITEC as a result of teamwork

Our automatic testing program, CITEC, is a clear example of how working together by merging different fields can result in incredible tools designed from scratch, by Embention colleagues to Embention colleagues. 

CITEC is an internal software program that creates system test and unit test, simulating our client’s trips and analysing every single part of the Veronte we use in a separate and aggressive way to increase security and verification of it. What makes CITEC unique is that more than five departments were involved in this project that has been designed to work 24/7 without any human intervention.

Embention embraces an open door policy as the key to success

At Embention, we invest more than 85% of our time in research, development and innovation and we understand that it takes time to see benefits, but that’s just how the drone industry functions. 

We are a total of 60 employees with different perspectives and knowledge, however what brings us together is our end goal, to enable drones to populate our skies.