Embention Development Environment (EDE) includes a suite of external and internal tools, work processes and methodologies to integrate a development environment for software (SW), hardware (HW), mechanics or any other development team according to the most demanding needs from drone and eVTOL certification authorities.

These processes and tools permit to ensure compliance with the design standards for airborne hardware and software (DO178C / ED12 and DO254) at the time that it warrants that the appropriate workflow is followed according to the ISO9001 & ISO9100 standards in terms of workflow management, task generation, task priority assignation, development, testing activities, design approval process and traceability. It provides the means to ensure the reliability of the system in order to approach a eVTOL or drone certification process.

Meeting all the UAV certification requirements is a hard task. Therefore, Embention dedicates time and resources to the development of internal tools that combined with other external tools permits to ensure the quality of the results in every single development activity and increase productivity in our development teams, guaranteeing the reliability, security and traceability of our processes without penalizing the development of new products and functionalities, essential in a growing industry such as the drones and eVTOL.

Our processes can be described in different blocks, and the EDE has a specific objective for each of them:

Embention Development Environment (EDE)_body

The Documentation block contains all the plans, processes, developments and results. They are reflected to be evaluated in a certification process. In this block, we use different Build Tools to automate the generation of documents with the information stored in our version control platforms and databases.

The Configuration Management block ensures data storage and version control. Using a transversal platform, we can manage internal and intradepartmental tasks, problem reports coming from some competent source, and also support the content review independently of the author to ensure the integrity of the stored data.

An important block in our processes is the Requirements Management. Product, Project, SW and HW requirements are stored in our databases and we have built an environment around them with different internal tools to allow visualization, traceability, change control and reviews.

Design and Coding processes are the main blocks in our development workflow. that allow us to compile and debug the code in our microcontroller, facilitating the design and coding tasks.

Our Continuous Integration block ensures a periodic and strict control of the generated artifacts through automated builds in the corresponding environment.

Finally, the Verification block is where we have made more effort to build an environment to HW and SW development verification in different levels and a 24/7 execution. Unit Tests, System Tests, Code Coverage Measurements and Hil Simulations can be executed automatically and their result uploaded to our databases using some internal tools.

At Embention we are aware of the importance of UAV certification in order to Enable Drones To Populate Our Skies. For this, the EDE is essential to ensure reliability and security in the development of our activities and facilitate compliance with all the drone and eVTOL certification requirements, being possible to extend the use of these tools to the whole UAV development process.