This project enables to create a system for detect and extinguish fires. Embention uses UAV / UAS / RPAS for its trials and the prototype testing has provided successful results. It was presented in the category of youth companies, but his initiative was greatly appreciated by the responsible for organizing the competition and the project was incorporated into the general category, the change could not be better. It ended up getting the award for best project that is awarded on stage at the Day of the Enrepneur in Valencia. Embention Intelligent Systems SL, driven with the support of CEEI Elche, added another victory after getting major awards earlier.

The company focuses on high aerospace technology, working with UAV, more popularly known as drones. This company awarded with the best project uses unmanned aircraft used for fire detection. At the same time it is developing another system for control and suppression – patent pending – which would be a significant step forward in this sector.

David Benavente, director of Embention says: “A helium airship piloted automatically goes supplied with the cameras incorporating images of the area in which we are acting to detect if there is risk of fire. We use for this the system mobile phone network.”

Best project of region 2008

Exciting start for the initiative identified as best project

Initial results of the tests already carried out by the members that make up the company are more than exciting. “The flights we have done so far have gone pretty well, although we are under development”, David Benavente said.

Especially it is seeking low cost UAV / UAS, because of the work they do, they should be single-use items.

The recognition of his work as entrepreneurs and businessmen of Valencia, means a boost to stay on the line marked. “We are very happy because everything helps, and we willing to continue working” said the director of Embention.