USCEI 2014 hosts to Embention on his second edition

UAS and UAV are being established in the public and private sectors as RPAS, more commonly known as drones. Specifically, India is excelling as one of the most important markets for the industry. Therefore Embention exhibits at the second edition of Unmanned Systems Conference and Exhibition India 2014 (USCEI 2014) from 18 to 19 November at Air Force Auditorium, New Delhi; organized by Johnnette.

Embention shown in this event, USCEI 2014, its main development in the field of the UAV / UAS / RPAS and drones, Veronte Autopilot. An autopilot for any unmanned system or platform that incorporates a fully autonomous control, 3G / 4G communications, onboard image processing, differential GPS positioning, inflight adaptive control, redundant configurations, etc…

USCEI 2014 exposition

Unmanned Systems Conference & Exhibition India, USCEI 2014

USCEI presented an inside look at the capabilities and strategic developments in the region and highlighted the ability of the defense and unmanned systems industry to adapt to new challenges and deliver effective solutions that meet end user requirements.

The event focused primarily on the potential use of unmanned systems in India, including aerial combat vehicles, mini and micro UAVs and other payloads in: surveillance, EOD, EW, weapons and tracking systems; within the categories of aerial vehicles robots, ground vehicles, underwater systems, surface vehicles unmanned and academic unmanned systems projects.

It also featured interactive sessions between manufacturers and end users in unmanned systems. Such as speakers from Indian Armed Forces, speakers from foreign unmanned systems community, participation from DRDO labs, visitors and exhibitors from foreign countries…

In USCEI 2014 it was concentrated the decision makers from the army, navy and air forces of India, in addition to forces of order as police, prison authorities, border security forces (border patrol, immigration and customs), Indian coast guard. Also sectors of agriculture, forestry, firefighting, oil and gas, Indian meteorological department, etc…

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