Embention exhibits at TUSExpo show 2015, showing last company advancements on flight control systems for UAV. Embention offers Veronte, its Plug’n Fly autopilot / Flight control System for UAV and drones. This autopilot is the core of the first civil RPAS Airworthiness Certificate issued in Europe. Some of its main features are: RTK, digital video transmission, computer vision (See & Avoid), DO178B/C, ED-12, DO254, DO160G compliance evidences for certification, adaptive control, configurable phases & channels, path tracking, FDR, 64 UAVs, FTS, dual & triple redundancy, etc…

TUSExpo 2015

TUSExpo 2015

TUSExpo is one of the European leader exhibitions on unmanned systems and UAS. It is a dedicated and focused business platform that, by bringing together UAV and Unmanned Systems; that operate in Air, Ground, Water, Space and Robotics; becomes distinct from any other event of its kind.

David Benavente has been invited to collaborate at the unmanned systems conference, Embention´s CEO will make his presentation on “High performance control systems for unmanned platforms” on the “Sense & Avoid, Autonomous flying” seminar. TUSExpo takes place on 4-6 February 2015 in the political heart of The Netherlands, The Hague. Please visit Embention at the C251 stand.

Some of the topics covered in the lectures within the program of TUSExpo are:

  • Defining the future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • Commercial UAVs: Drivers for success and keeping pace with new technology.
  • Using Consumer drones in professional applications.
  • Challenges and opportunities for UAS global integration.
  • Precision agriculture with remote sensing and applications.
  • Geo-services, Geo-mapping.
  • Certification, legal issues, liability issues, regulation, legislation.
  • Fisheries and wildlife monitoring, fire-fighting, weather and climate studies.
  • Pipeline surveillance, power line surveillance, industrial surveillance.
  • Ground, technology, applications and services.
  • How to integrate unmanned in manned environment.
  • Law enforcement, rescue and recovery missions, security and surveillance.
  • Water, services and technology.
  • Opportunities for UAS as smart inspectors in environmental monitoring applications.