The Spanish company Embention, participated by Everis Group, is one of the SME national companies that could have a significant growth in the coming years. Specialized in the world of UAV / UAS / drones, its strength is not so much the device itself but the software, which is suitable for both military and civilian applications. Precisely this will be its main sargument of sales at the Paris Air Show, being the only Spanish company present at the show.

Paris Air Show 2013 - Exposition

In particular, Embention will show three interesting products in Paris Air Show:

On the one hand, Veronte, an autopilot developed entirely by Embention that stands out both for its small size as well as its high performance, due to its ease of use and its accuracy. It also allows to be used to control all kinds of aircraft; fixed and rotary wing, drones, multicopters, etc…

The company will also present its Veronte HGS System, a portable ground station with high performance features, installing all the elements required to control a UAV / UAS within a small suitcase, fully ‘rugged’, protected against shocks. Veronte HGS enables to configure and control the aerial platform from the ground, while it receives flight information to monitor the progress of the mission. The UAV flight information is shown in two high performance touch screen monitors, also high resistance ones.

Finally, the company will also bring to Le Bourget an ultraportable ground station, known as WGS Veronte and developed for high mobility applications, which generates a WIFI network where it can be connected any PC or tablet, from which to control the aircraft. It also has an internal battery, so it is completely autonomous. Veronte WGS is integrated into a rugged case which contains electronics for communications, along with a Veronte unit for aircraft control.

The Paris Air Show will take place the next June 17th at the Le Bourget Air Show.