Embention is pleased to expose the next 9th and 10th November of 2015 at the International Israel Autonomous and Unmanned Systems Conference UVID 2015. The topic of the conference on this occasion is: “Unmanned Systems Approaching Maturity”.

At UVID 2015 Embention will show its advanced products for professional use of UAS and RPAS systems, highlighting its high performance autopilot, Veronte Autopilot. This autopilot is able to adapt to all the necessary features for professional users.

Besides being able to incorporate: RTK, onboard vision processing and custom modules among other things, it is the only one autopilot that incorporates a new guiding system that permits to develop missions following complex curves, replacing traditional waypoints, smoothing the path for saving fuel and reducing the presence of undesirable vibrations and sharp turns. Veronte also includes measures to guarantee the security of the mission such as: module for the definition of restricted flight zones (no go areas) and safe operation areas (safe flight zones).

UVID 2015 - Israel Defense

UVID 2015 conference and exhibition

Israel is renowned for being one of the worldwide leading countries in the operational implementation and development of technologies for autonomous and unmanned systems, so the UVID 2015 provides the chance to pooling the latest know-how in professional knowledge’s. This exhibition is an initiative in common between the Israel Defense and AUVSI Israel Chapter, the main organizations in the Unmanned Systems sector in Israel.

UVID 2015 includes in one place scientists and technicians that will discuss operational and operative aspects of unmanned systems and vehicles of ground, air and sea. The exhibition will bring together local and international speakers, of great importance in the world of unmanned systems. The programming of the exhibition consists of plenary sessions, speech presentations and panel discussions on operational concepts and technological innovations in addition to knowledge acquired internationally of the unmanned systems and vehicles.

Main conference themes

  • Technologies and Innovative developments.
  • Operation, Operative and Mission concepts.
  • Systems, subsystems, parts and components.
  • Advocacy, legislation, standardization, and ruling.
  • Security, safely, license, qualification and ethics.
  • Innovation in underwater & underground vehicles.
  • Business, cooperation and economic endeavors.
  • Implementation, infrastructure, maintenance, ILS.