Embention exhibits at Dronitaly, event dedicated to unmanned systems for; air, water and earth on professional applications. Participants in Dronitaly include: device manufacturers, component and equipment manufacturers, distributors, software companies, aircraft operators, management companies and venture capital, insurance companies and flight schools, public and private users, institutions for regulation and control, in short, all stakeholders in this booming industry.

Embention reaches Italy continuing with its international expansion, opening their products to new markets, in this edition are displayed the ground control stations Veronte HGS and Veronte WGS, together with the Guidance Navigation and Control system, Veronte Autopilot, for UAV, UAS, RPAS and drones; furthermore Embention will make demonstrations of the control station software, Veronte PIPE in conjunction with the HWIL simulator.

Dronitaly, at Milan, has an intensive program of lectures, seminars and workshops for exploring and approaching the implications for regulations, technological aspects, economics and social life of one of the most innovative industries on this century.

DRONITALY 2014 conference

Dronitaly’s program includes:

  • Remote Control Aviation: legislation and developments.
  • Remote Pilot Air Systems (SAPR) standards, operational and business applications for the Professional Engineering.
  • Drones for the relief and protection of cultural heritage and land.
  • Work with SAPR: Products, applications, standards, job security.
  • COBRA – observation system for guided cable.
  • SAFE.DRONE: ideas and products for flight safety.
  • Fly Top: vision, strategies and professional use APR
  • SkyRobotic, APR products and competitive advantages for specialized flights.
  • ENAC Regulation: The solution for professionals.
  • Advanced traffic analysis with drones.
  • Drones in agricultural applications, results, benefits.
  • The use of drones in topography.
  • The culture of safety in the use of drones: necessity or choice?
  • Relief with a remote pilot: the operational capacity in critical situations.
  • Barcamp Association: how to balance privacy and security.
  • GEOCARE: an integrated solution for precision agriculture
  • The history of the drones and aircraft regulations.