The AUVSI Unmanned Systems event was held in Orlando (U.S. state of Florida) on the last 12-15 May 2014, where were emphasized the major advancements in technology breakthrough, research and trends in the industry, that affect unmanned systems community. Embention toke part as an exhibitor in AUVSI 2014, where it showed its main products.

Main products presented by Embention in AUVSI were ground station systems designed for driven the control system of UAS and drones, Veronte. The Autopilot Veronte is a failsafe system with sensor fusion and state estimation, including RTK precise positioning without additional hardware. Having available a qualification kit for airworthiness certification DO-178B / ED-12, DO-254 and DO-160G.

The ground stations that were exposed were Veronte HGS and Veronte WGS. The Veronte HGS is a rugged briefcase with two touch screens. And the Veronte WGS is a system adapted to work as a WIFI transmitter for controlling UAVs from any WIFI device (tablet, laptop…).

AUVSI 2014 UAS - UAV Autopilots Exposition - Embention

For 40 years now, the AUVSI Unmanned Systems has been the leading networking event, for unmanned systems communities of; air, land and sea. This event had in 2013 the most successful edition to date, with more than 8000 attendees, more than 600 exhibitors and nearly 400 members of the press and mass media. The event was attended by a great line-up of speakers representing international regulatory agencies as well as civil and commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) end users. In AUVSI the goal is to learn about important issues, developments and opportunities in the industry of robotics and UAV. With more than 100 technical sessions, panels and workshops, counting with speakers from industry leaders and experts.

At AUVSI conferences it was discussed the following topics:

  • UAS Training and Certification.
  • Airspace Integration Research.
  • Airspace Integration Policy and Regulation.
  • UAS Platform Development.
  • Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Operations.
  • Commercial UAS Applications and Developments.
  • Maritime Vehicle Fundamental Research.
  • Cross-Domain Fundamental Research.
  • Ground Robot Testing, Design and Development.
  • Automated Vehicle Research, Development and Operations.
  • Ground Robot Fundamental Research.
  • UAS Fundamental Research.