The AUVSI Unmanned Systems Europe event was held in Köln (Germany) the last 15-16 October 2013, where Embention participated as exhibitor and sponsor. In which Embention exhibited their products, such as: Veronte Autopilot and the ground control stations Veronte WGS and Veronte HGS. The event was attended by a great line-up of speakers representing international regulatory agencies as well as civil and commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) end users.

AUVSI Europe 2013 - Embention UAV Autopilot - exposition

This edition of AUVSI Unmanned Systems Europe 2013, was the first organized in Europe. It was focused to sector regulation and to the incorporation to the commercial ambit of the UAVs and drones. Among other issues it was discussed about the procedure to follow to create successful UAS business in Europe and was noted the different objectives in the integration diary, hoping to see the UAVs to fly in non-segregated airspace in Europe by 2016. Among the different objectives, main are to create a European Commission policy document, where are shown the competences of the EASA and JARUS for preparing UAS rules. It was pointed out that the global aviation authority has drones as a second priority, being the global integration complicated, and the goal is to establish a framework in which everybody agrees that integration will be stable and permanent. Other important points to discuss are the transition of military UAVs to commercial market and the export control.

At the AUVSI conferences it were discussed the following topics:

  • Emerging RPAS applications in the commercial and civilian sectors.
  • Market Trends Talk – A discussion on potential for emerging UAS applications.
  • Facilitating RPAS operations in unrestricted airspace.
  • Standards development for RPAS in Europe.
  • Funding and Insuring RPAS operations.
  • Influencing public perception on RPAS operations.
  • Encouraging mutual cooperation for RPAS development between the defense and commercial sectors.