The first light unmanned aircraft congress (ALNT 2013) will take place on October 30-31 in Teruel (Spain). David Benavente, founder at Embention, will lecture about advanced systems for navigation, guidance and control, such as those implemented in Veronte Autopilot for UAV and drones control, manufactured by Embention, it will take place on Wednesday 30th at 10:45am.


ALNT 2013 congress

This first ALNT 2013 congress aims to boost national research, sharing experiences in the civil and military industry, and demonstrate the latest trends in the aerospace sector in Spain. This brings with it a full program formed by the participation of 27 prominent speakers from the university environment, with the participation of the Universities of Sevilla, Deusto, or the Technical University of Madrid. In addition, members form Advanced Aerospace Technology Center of Andalucia, the Meteorological Agency and the Ministry of Defence will assist to the event, together with business representatives that manufacture and develop products in this sector.

During the ALNT 2013 it will be known the latest technological innovations in design together with its use with biological purposes or for inspections of power lines and safety issues, as well as its commercial uses. During these days it will explain and it will discuss the current rules and limitations of use for light unmanned aircraft, which it will be very useful to both, the development companies, and users of these systems.

On the last day it will take place the aerial demonstrations and the Spanish Association of UNmanned Aircraft Systems (AERPAS) will be presented, that arises in order to exercise research support and national entrepreneurial boost, it will provide appropriate mechanisms for representing and promoting the sector.

At ALNT 2013 congress was discussed the following topics:

  • National technological landscape.
  • Multiple UAVs systems: methods, technologies and applications.
  • Vision onboard the UAVs.
  • Services, applications and security of drones.
  • Possibilities of support from the State Meteorological Agency to the Sector.
  • Legal system of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.