Embention Intelligent Systems SL, high technology company in the aerospace sector, created by two young entrepreneurs from Elche, has been awarded with the EIBT Seal by the National Association of CEEI, within the project of the same name, which promotes entrepreneurship R+D+I.

EIBT Seal Program

The EIBT Seal is a special program that each CEEI gives to the Technological Base Companies from its scope and recognizes it as EIBTs on national level. The mark of Innovative Company of Technology Based is meant as a differentiator and communication element for these companies because it is a nationwide award with the support of the National Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

In order to get the EIBT Seal, the technological base of the company has to be proven, it has to have a contrasted and differential level of innovation at national level. The role of the EIBTs is fundamental and strategic as a mechanism for economic growth on regions because it enables to keep in business on activities for innovation and technological development of the actors that deal with this: Universities, laboratories, research institutes and companies.

Companies with EIBT Seal are valuable to the economy because:

  • The aptitude for innovation and scientific growth of universities, laboratories, science centers and companies becomes in business activity.
  • They are usually promoted by highly qualified young entrepreneurs which nurture the business community in the area.
  • They retain valuable linkages and partnerships with universities and scientific centers.
  • They create quality work of specialized personnel.
  • R&D is essential for their business model and they apply a considerable commitment of their resources, both human and financial.
  • They have a great capacity for national and international growth.
  • They contribute to the progress of the trade balance, because they are companies that create wealth and services with high added value, and they have ability to export and / or import substitution.
  • They mean a diversification and complementarity for the local economic fabric.
  • They allow to create an area to grow by means of the development of their goods in sectors of the future, that ensure sustainable growth over time.