The UAV and drone sector is continuously evolving. Functionalities of these systems are being improved daily, covering the necessities of all different operations such as terrain mapping, monitoring missions, crop management,… These new features on the UAV systems are in many cases accompanied by an increase in the complexity of systems, requiring more and more qualified operators.

In Embention, we dedicate a large effort to improve the usability of our systems. In this way, one of our major goals is the development of intuitive systems that are easy to control. At the time we maintain a high versatility in the system. Therefore, we have recently introduced in Veronte Pipe tools for configuring missions in one click.

Missions in Veronte Pipe for easy control of drones

First, it was the navigation based on curves, and now, our engineers have developed tools for the easy and intuitive definition of the most common missions with just a few clicks on the map. It has highly increased User Experience on Veronte Pipe. In this way, we simplify the operation at the time we decrease the response time and the workload on the operator.

One of the most common missions using UAVs is the terrain mapping. With the mapping tool in Veronte Pipe, fly over an area is as easy as selecting the area to cover and to insert the desired overlap and GSD. Veronte will automatically calculate the distance between passes and between photos with data from the camera, drawing the final route on the map. Now, in addition, this tool allows drawing irregular polygons.

Intuitive and easy control for autonomous UAVs - Spiral Path

Other of the most common operations with UAVs is search and rescue missions. Veronte now has tools for the easy control of these UAV operations. Define a mission is as simple and quick as marking on the map the point where we want to start the search and the size of the area we want to cover. Veronte automatically generates a spiral route around this point to scan the area on the most efficient way possible.

Parcel delivery services are also benefited from these new tools. Scheduling a delivery with the drone is as simple as selecting the point or points for delivery. The system will automatically draw the best route for reaching this location and perform the delivery. It is possible to select between parachute launching, onsite landing or load drop by a reel system.

Together with these tools, there are many others as can be: fly in circles, racetracks, draw an 8, rectangle, monitoring of pipelines and power lines, border surveillance,… In this way the operation is simple and intuitive, reducing the workload on the operator and allowing anyone to fly an autonomous drone in a few minutes.