Citizen protection services such as firefighters, coast guards and other state forces tend to update and modernize their equipment for the functions they perform. But usually, their staff is not qualified or has no time to perform complex operations with drones. Therefore systems capable of performing search and rescue missions with drones in one click are very highly valued.

Simplicity and usability always play an important role in Embention´s developments. That is why system automation with Veronte Autopilot goes an step forward. Instead of just flying along a predefined route it now includes the configuration of high-complexity missions with a single click. Getting to simplify the mission, reducing the response time and suppressing the operator’s workload.

These single click missions are achieved by applying automatic routines that makes possible for operators to concentrate on tasks associated with, for example, search and rescue missions such as flight monitoring and camera control.

Search and Rescue with Veronte PIPE

Veronte PIPE is the management software for Embention’s Veronte Autopilot avionics. Veronte PIPE is the software that allows operators to configure advanced professional missions with a single click with the help of wizards, such as search and rescue missions.

Define a search and rescue operation is as simple as indicating on the map the location to start the search and expand it to the area to be surveyed. Veronte will automatically create a spiral route around the indicated location to effectively track the zone. As it can be seen in the video attached to this article.

Also, automations can be programmed for search and rescue missions with the detection of heat sources by thermal sensors and infrared cameras. Advanced functionalities are also possible: flare activation, turning on lights, capturing photographs, video transmission, audio broadcast, payload launch as first aid kits, etc…