Nowadays the use of drones in the professional field has a use that covers many fields, ranging from its use in the commercial sector, to its use in construction, security or agriculture.

In the case of agriculture, the incorporation of drones is leading to a notable improvement in what is known as precision agriculture. These systems allow to significantly reduce costs and inspection times, thus improving crop productivity.

Drones in Colombian agriculture

World agriculture has become a highly diversified sector. 

Colombia is among the countries with the highest agricultural production in the world, with 36% of its surface used for agriculture. The diverse topography of the country presents several difficulties, such as difficult access and large areas of crops. An optimal solution to this problem is the use of drones in agricultural production.

In agriculture, the primary function of UAVs is to collect information about the crop, flying over the area autonomously. In addition, with the use of drones, fumigation can be carried out in a much more controlled way, greatly reducing the risk of contamination of the surrounding ecosystems and living beings and increasing the efficiency of the exact place to be fumigated.

Drones in agriculture inspeccion

At Embention, we work with the latest cutting-edge technologies, developing new products that improve precision and safety in drones, enabling fully automated UAV missions. Embention works closely with the Colombian company RC Aviones y Ultraligeros for the autonomous flight control of its Inspector Agro system. Betting on the implementation of drones to increase productivity in Colombian agriculture.

The fixed-wing vertical take-off drone (Fixed Wing VTOL) developed by RC Aviones y Aeromodelos combines the vertical take-off capacity of multirotor systems with the wide autonomy of fixed-wing UAVs. In addition, its latest technology EFI injection engine allows you to maximize flight time to inspect large areas of land in a single flight, facilitating agricultural production thanks to its characteristics:

  • 40 kg of MTOW
  • 50 km range
  • 4h autonomy
  • HD cameras
  • Infrared
  • Real-time recording and sending

At Embention we have a large team of engineers within the branches of aeronautics, control, mechanics or computer science, among others. Our staff works daily with our clients to accompany them throughout the process of integration and maturation of the product. These advanced engineering services ensure the level of security and reliability required for the integration and configuration of an entire system, including both remote support and on-site support, collaborating in projects all around the world.