In Embention we know how important having the data control in the cloud is. For this reason, from the design stage of the Veronte Cloud, security has been the priority, providing in this sense several kinds of technologies and services according to the particular needs of the users and their drone and giving to the user a total data control.

With Veronte Cloud we can manage all kind of UAVs operations from anywhere in the world thanks to the 4G technology and the radio systems LOS. In this way, the reception of information and telemetry in real time from the UAVs is possible, allowing us to monitor the flight from the control centre. Besides, by means of the cloud we can keep a bidirectional comunication either individual or simultaneously and with just one or two UAVs.

Data Control and security in UAVs with Veronte Cloud - E2E encryption end-to-end

Practical examples of the data control in the Veronte Cloud

  • If is required to operate via Veronte Cloud a drone with integrated Veronte Autopilot, it is possible to set up the end to end encryption (until SHA 256) between Pipe and Veronte providing this such as huge security and data control in the communication that all the data travelling in Veronte Cloud become indecipherable even for us.
  • If we only need to know the position of our drone and the stage of its operation, it will only be necessary to use the API of Veronte Cloud. With its API, it is possible to consult its position in real time only by storing the last position known, and without keeping any register or historics, always that we have permission for the data control over the Veronte autopilot integrated in the drone.
  • If what we need is further information, it is possible to register in Veronte Cloud all the flight logs. These data will be safely stored by means of technologies and methodologies like “ row level security” to assure that data will not be compromised by accident.

Apart from the total data control by the user, we have also available the last technologies in security matters, like transit encode TLS or the access through Token JWT. Just like the security when data is stored or transmitted, other priorities in Veronte Cloud are the high availability, scalability, and low response time. For that reason, the system is distributed in several geographical regions linked by means of a private net that assures that the service will continue available even though any node experiences problems, apart from achieving the best latencies in the response times.