Veronte Autopilot revolutionizes the definition of missions and the guidance of drones, by enabling the creation of 3D curve-based missions, replacing traditional waypoints with curves in the space. With this new system, instead of defining waypoints and linking them with straight lines, the operator draws 3D curves and lines on the map, being able to create any imaginable mission.

Unmanned systems traditionally have relied on waypoints for defining flight paths. These routes are composed of 3D points connected by straight lines. This system presents a number of drawbacks that limits the operation, such as:

  • Inability to draw curves or spirals.
  • Generation of a large number of waypoints for configuring nonlinear missions.
  • Sharp transition between straight lines on intersection.
  • Dispersion regarding the route at intersections caused by the turning radius of the aircraft…

All these limitations, and some more others, are overcome by Veronte Autopilot capabilities for creating curve-based missions.

Veronte Pipe - Curve-based missions definition on drones

Advantages of the curve-based missions definition

The generation of curve-based missions provides many advantages to the operation with Drones, given the flexibility that this system adds when it comes to configuring flying missions, being able to design any 3D curve: circumferences, beizers, spirals, roses, etc. in this way the operation becomes much more versatile and soft, allowing to precisely fly over the desired area. Some of the main advantages of these systems are:

  • Ability to define the route taking into account the turning radius of the aircraft.
  • Smoothed tracings, without peak intersections.
  • Disappears the limitation in the number of waypoints, being able to create complex trajectories.
  • Wide variety of catalog of curves: straight lines, upward and downward spirals, curves, beizers, loiters, …
  • Generation of curve-based missions drawn on the map, with a simple and intuitive drawing tool.
  • Definition of the grade of attraction to the line, controlling the precision with which the aircraft must follow the defined path.
  • Circular ascent and descent maneuvers.
  • Definition of relative missions to any Veronte device: follow me, landing on mobile platforms, …

This new guidance concept permits to develop complex curve-based missions, smoothing the path for fuel saving and reducing unwanted presence of vibrations and sharp turns, presenting a technological leap forward in the UAV sector.