Nowadays a large number of professional UAS users are forced to use an SDK (Software Development Kit) for obtain maximum performance and functionality on their aircraft or unmanned system, having software edition tools for programming in the system the functionalities required for their specific application.

However, not all users have the necessary skills or company structure to develop software code to customize the control system performance. Veronte Autopilot avionics system goes a step ahead, permitting the configuration of any complex behavior without the need for a SDK, permitting to accomplish with any of the imaginable requirements, using an intuitive user interface for configuration.

All thanks to its control software Veronte Pipe. This user interface makes possible operate and establish the system behavior without need advanced programming skills, being compatible with all kinds of complex UAS.

Veronte Pipe user interface without needing SDK

Veronte Autopilot configuration without requiring an SDK

The integrated software in Veronte Autopilot is qualified under DO-178 / ED-12 regulations. Thanks to the integration of a flexible and highly configurable architecture, configurable through a simple and intuitive user interface, it becomes possible to setup complex behaviors in the UAV without losing this qualification. Thereby, the evidences of software reliability remain valid for any kind of platform and procedure.

Veronte Autopilot includes user configurable automatic routines for performing autonomous operations on the occurrence of an event. These automated routines simplify the missions, making possible to focus on tracking the operation and payload; optimizing efficiency, improving operator performance and increasing safety. Facilitating the execution of automatic actions on autonomous operations at any event in the system, as well as a combination of them, with help of AND, OR & NOT structures. Veronte Autopilot also makes possible to configure periodic actions, performed at fixed time or distance or even periodically with altitude.

Thanks to the operations manager of the Veronte Autopilot, custom calculations can be entered in the system without needing SDK, all configured using a simple and intuitive interface. This manager includes: digital filters, FXY matrix, linear expressions, limits, maximums and minimums, etc…

It can also be configured the controller for each flight phase, customizable suing one or more PID. PID configures system variables such as the desired pitch, and with this value and real time actual pitch value, the PID corrects possible errors to reduce it to zero. Getting a faster and more secure system, avoiding vibrations with the damping of the signal. It provides effective and precise control of position, angle, speed and angular speed of the UAS without the need for a complex SDK, besides other advanced options such as autonomy optimization controlling system energy.