At Embention we continue enhancing Veronte Autopilot features by following with our continuous improvement philosophy. Today we announce the Veronte Cloud server. This new technology permits to manage UAV operations and missions from any device connected to the internet. With the integration of 4G modules in Veronte Autopilot it is possible to control the drone from internet, even being possible to control a fleet of unmanned aircrafts. In addition it becomes possible to receive real time information and telemetry data in the control station permitting to monitor the flight from one or more stations.

Features and functionalities in Veronte Cloud

Through the cloud it is possible to stablish individual or simultaneous bidirectional communications between the control station and one or more UAVs. An UAV network can be managed simultaneously to operate over large areas. It increases the coverage of services offered by companies in a fast and efficient way.

Communication between UAVs with Veronte Cloud - Scheme

With this system it is possible to identify multiple UAVs installing a Veronte Autopilot. In compliance with some of the requirements defined in international standards the system enables the capability to record telemetry and keep a log record with data recorded on every operation.

Another improvement achieved with Veronte Cloud is the rise in safety in UAV flights managed by Veronte Autopilot. These autopilots are able to communicate between them and exchange data autonomously. It improves the algorithms for collaborative “Sense & Avoid” as well as the flight control. This technology permits to analyze and coordinate the information from transponders in the real time.

Another possibility included in the system is the configuration of events happening in the UAVs managed with Veronte Cloud. Permitting to perform automatic actions, such as; sending a track of their position, sharing environmental data, sending of video and photos through the cloud, etc…