Orange, the Cultural Foundation Banesto and IE Business School, with the aim of promote entrepreneurship and increase the occurrence of innovative technology-based companies, performed the Competition Banespryme-Orange (formerly NETI Project), in which Embention was granted as winner.

Embention presented its business model in the field of UAV, UAS, RPAS and drones; where highlights some of their products as Veronte Autopilot, failsafe avionics system for autonomous control of any kind of platforms like a drone, UAV, UAS, RPAS, UGV, USV, robots, etc…; and Flamingo, a guided bomb that flies completely autonomously thanks to the merger of INS/GPS and other sensors that facilitates fighting fires.


It was founded in 2000, where companies opt for three awards: Award for Best Project of Growth in SMEs, Award for Best Entrepreneur Project and Award for Best Social Project, an award that supports the initiative of entrepreneurs who use new technologies to the beginning, growth or diversification of the social benefit of their company. The winners of Banespyme-Orange Project will take advantage along of eight months of all the indispensable tools to realize their business ideas such as their projects of future. To this end, Banespyme-Orange Project has the support of major companies, to facilitate to the winning projects the use of a resource pool to help strengthening them as projects of future.

Among the total of the business occasions, a group of experts in the field chose projects that would receive a prestigious study program in Madrid at IE Business School and in Barcelona at the University of La Salle. At the same time, during this learning phase, a tutor of IE will support to each project in growing their business program. At the end, after a training in methods of exposure, the finalists exhibited at the Investors Forum Banespyme-Orange.