Bancaja has awarded the Young Entrepreneurs Bancaja Award, an area of its Social Work which promotes the creation of companies and self-employment for young people, according to the communication of the banking firm in its report. The president of the bank, José Luis Olivas, highlighted the “constant support” of signing for young and small companies, which are two of the cornerstones of Bancaja. Thus, the president of Bancaja also noted that “in the context of solvent, ingenious, actively and effectively response face the crisis, the company has maintained its constant efforts to support young people and small businesses, two of the cornerstones of banking business that usually go hand in hand”.

Bancaja Award edition 2008

In this occasion the event “Young Entrepreneurs Bancaja Award”, 497 companies have competed which means an increase of 21 percent proportion from the number of projects submitted in the last edition. The projects fall under the category initiatives of creation of technology companies. For the assessment of the work, the court considered diversifying components or the integration of innovative products, and has valued the ability to produce stable work, particularly for youth and disabled. The annual edition Young Entrepreneurs Bancaja Award has awarded prizes to technology-based companies selected in its 2008 edition, taking into account their development in the previous year. Embention Intelligent Systems from Alicante has been selected form the participants on this edition.

Delivery Bancaja Award

The Young Entrepreneurs Bancaja Award is an initiative of the Bancaja Social Work to promote growth and start-up business initiatives, that have to be located in cities of the Spanish nation, developed by young people up to 35 years (included), both individually or in groups. The edition falls within the line of action strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs who takes Bancaja, and comprising other spaces such as the network of 40 Bancaja Young Entrepreneur Chairs in Spanish universities, the Entrepreneur Tuesday Lectures or Financial Solutions.