Embention, a company from Alicante, has won this year the internationalized company awardFocus Innova PYME 2015, the 80% of the activity of this company is developed internationally, having customers in the aviation field distributed around the world.

The motivation of the Focus Innova PYME to award the prize to the better internationalized company, is due to the importance in a macroeconomic level of the exports of goods and services to the trade balance, current account and payments of any country, is a source of demand for domestic production of goods and multiplies the product and incomes of the economy in general and in particular of the economic agents participants.

The award Focus Innova PYME 2015 is a distinction to the most remarkable companies of Valencian Community. It is granted as last event in the macro day Valencian Community Focus Innova PYME led by IVACE in common with the Network of CEEIs and in which 80 sessions of seven different subjects have been held in which have collaborated a total of 250 speakers.

Award ceremony Focus Innova PYME 2015

Embention best company internationalized in the Focus Innova PYME 2015

Embention develops electronic components and software for critical systems, and is formed by a working group of people with a great trajectory and international experience. The business plan of Embention was founded in 2007 for the development and commercialization of a proprietary and innovative smart systems in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV, UAS, RPAS and drones). The company, in addition to the latter award, has won the support of the Neotec (CDTI), the Everis Foundation award, the CEEI award, the La Caixa Semilla award, Bancaja Award, the BBVA Entrepreneurs Award, the award for Best Idea Actualidad Económica and the support of the Generalitat Ministry of Industry.

Some cases of success at Embention are Flamingo; the guided bomb for firefighting in collaboration with Airbus Military, the UAV VTOL hybrid helicopter-airplane HADA; in collaboration with INTA, EKO; core of the first civil UAV certified in Europe, the twin-engine amphibian UAV with a MTOW of 3800 Kg; from Singular Aircraft, the projectile MIURA; with Everis Aerospace & Defense, etc …