Over the course of 10 years, Embention has been improving the versatility of its Veronte Autopilot, a professional avionics system. Veronte has been successfully installed in different innovative UAVs designs. All this experience has permitted to incorporate a high versatility in the control system. In this manner it is possible to adapt Veronte Autopilot to any new vehicle layout.

Some innovative UAVs concepts supported:

Veronte control system is compatible with various layouts of fixed wing UAVs: T-tail, V-tail, inverted V-tail, X-tail, H-tail, flaperons, etc… in any combination or angle. Veronte Autopilot also supports innovative UAVs designs such as systems with multiple propulsion elements or “Box Wing” aircrafts. This consist of a new concept of flying wing that makes the UAV more efficient in aerodynamics, weight distribution and power consumption.

Regarding the different types of propulsion systems supported. Veronte Autopilot is able to control turbine engines, rotors, thrust propellers, variable pitch blades,… Even designs of innovative UAVs with tilting rotors or rotatory wing aircrafts can be controlled. Likewise in some of innovative UAVs designs it is possible to use differential thrust system to control aircraft yaw. The differential thrust controls the aircraft yaw by commanding more or less revolutions to the different propellers installed. It makes no need of lateral control surfaces, as happens with some solar UAVs.

Autonomous Control Innovative UAVs Solar UAS

Complex systems such as hybrid VTOL aircrafts having a central tilting power rotor and several small rotors for stabilization or coaxial rotor helicopters are also supported. It permits to obtain the maximum aircraft performance on a fully autonomous system with an innovative UAVs design. In addition, there is no limitation in size, being possible to control from a few centimeters trirotors to several tons large UAVs.

Veronte reaches as far as your imagination

In addition to described innovative UAVs variations and all their imaginable combinations, Veronte Autopilot is able to control different types of UAS, UGV, USV, UAT,… UAS such as the fire extinguishing system Flamingo, a guided bomb loaded with fire retarding agent that flies autonomously. Or Miura, an UAS that isntall Veronte guidance kit in high-speed vehicle.