AS-III UAS is a fixed-wing Unmanned Aircraft made in carbon fiber and optimized for surveillance, mapping and photogrammetry missions. With a 2kg payload capacity, it can install sensors and electronic components to increase its functionalities. With this compact UAS, it is possible to perform advanced missions in a few hours when traditional means would need days or weeks.

Perform missions covering from 1000 to 3000 hectares of land and in places with difficult access. Professional nature missions are also possible obtaining an autonomy of up to 2 hours is not a problem for the AS-III UAS. Its V-tail permits to operate under adverse weather conditions and with its dimensions and motor it can take off without the necessity of a long flight track or it can even takeoff from a car in movement.

Advantages of the integration of Veronte Autopilot in the AS-III UAS

The AS-III UAS is an aircraft manufactured and designed by Insight Robotics, a Hong Kong based company extended in Asia and North America and specialized in forestry safeguard applications. Default configuration includes equipment to perform cartography and photogrammetry operations, powered by the Veronte Autopilot.

With Veronte Autopilot it is possible to easily pre-configure all kinds of missions in the office. It is also possible to perform test operations with the Veronte HIL tool. Avoiding possible risks and optimizing the mission to be performed. In addition, these routes can be configured with curve based navigation, with the possibility to include exclusion zones, perform missions relative to an object and with the advanced capabilities of the Veronte Autopilot.