The use of drones as a working tool is continuously growing in a many industries. Thanks to the great versatility of these systems, new applications emerge almost daily for the use of this technology. Even there are applications continuously arising that could be considered futuristic, in which the drones are perfectly associated with its use in architecture.

Perform aerial photography employing airplanes or globes is a common resource nowadays. These means requires to dispose of large technical and economic means. With the use of drones the productivity gets improved, increasing accuracy in measurements and saving on topography costs.

Applications of drones in architecture

Besides the common uses of drones in architecture, aerial photogrammetry is booming. Furthermore, the use of drones by photographs and architectural teams to recreate 3D terrain infographics is highly increasing. It permits to observe and to analyze the construction in a virtual environment similar to the real one.

The employ of the plan view to develop projects is a common technique for architects. The use drones in the architecture eases obtaining aerial images of the plan view with high detail degree. With this architects can monitor the evolution of their constructions in a precise and reliable manner.

Benefits of the employment of drones in architecture - Plan View

In the field of promotion of architectural works, we should not forget the benefits of the use of drones. The use of drawings and models are no longer the most appropriate methods of promotion. Nowadays drones permits the virtual recreation of constructions and the creation of videos with 3D scans.

There are also applications of drones in architecture that will come in the near future. Such as the use of drones to modify structures and perform reparations.

These applications and others, such as point cloud mapping, photographic studios and building supervision are possible with Veronte. Veronte Autopilot integration permits to run these applications in a quick and cost effective way thanks to the embedded sensors, the onboard data processing and the compatibility with all kinds of cameras.