Nowadays, being in line with new technologies is paramount in any industry, therefore the use of drones on construction sites is acquiring increased transcendence. Initially, the regulation of the sector did slow down the growth of this technology applied to construction fields, but as happened with robotics employed in manufacturing this technology will end up being normally implanted.

In order to reduce costs by up to a 25 % and production times up to 10 times, it is recommended the use of drones on construction helping the execution of civil works. Through the employment of necessary control systems and software it provides support to the periodic collection of data. Enabling the control and monitoring of the construction progress.

3D model - Advanced applications of drones on construction

Advantages of drones on construction

Drones make possible to get from the air the necessary information to design roads, pathways, bridges and other civil engineering constructions. Otherwise the use of manned airplanes is needed, requiring to spend more time and resources, obtaining less accurate information and images, being those less abundant and having poorer quality than those obtained with the use of drones. We must either no forget about the reduction of occupational hazards and the reduction of pollutant emissions which are obtained with the use of construction drones.

In the future one of the potential applications of construction drones, would be the building of skyscrapers with heights hitherto unknown and in locations where today could not be done. These would be possible through the combination of drones with the use of the new building materials and computer building models, BIM (Building Information Models).

In conclusion, we should note that there are several professional solutions which enable the use of drones on construction. Veronte Autopilot is a high precision avionics system, which provides the necessary capabilities to any kind of drone to treat topo-cartographic data from LIDAR sensors, multispectral cameras, vision cameras, etc…