With the aim that thousands of drones share the same airspace, the drone industry is jointly promoting those technologies that are needed for turning this idea into reality. In order for UAVs to share airspace, it is necessary that drones intercommunicate with each other, and with their remote operators, in real-time. With this goal in mind, the new generation of 5G mobile phone technologies could not have arrived at a better time.

5G Communications and UAVs

One of the main usage scenarios for 5G networks are the support of URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication) service category. The URLLC aims to create a network of connected devices sensitive to the latency to enable applications across a board spectrum.

Thanks to these technologies we achieve the speed, stability, and immediacy we need to intercommunicate in real-time all the parties involved in the shared use of airspace. An example of this are drones, operators, or authorities. In other words, 5G technology will allow the creation of new applications and services with lower latency, greater reliability, and efficiency in order to improve the intercommunication, in this case, of unmanned aerial vehicles in the airspace.

5G: the ideal technology for the drone industry

A common language

Although it is really important that all drones intercommunicate, this is just the beginning. It is needed that all drones understand each other, regardless of the manufacturer. In order to respond to this need to standardize communication protocols, UTM is being developed. UTM (Unmanned Air Traffic Management) is a collaboration of companies and agencies that are laying the basis for this common language.

The future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is coming. But for this to happen it will be necessary, on the one hand, to establish a set of rules and standards to be followed by all unmanned aerial vehicles (UTM). And on the other hand, that all UAVs integrate Sense & Avoid technology, in order to detect other aircraft and obstacles located in the airspace and to perform an evasion maneuver, if necessary.

The role of Embention

With Veronte Autopilot, Veronte Cloud and Veronte Pipe, Embention provides a comprehensive solution, for operation planning, drone control and guidance, real-time data collection and delivery, remote control and flight logs.

Thanks to this position, at Embention we have a global vision of the UAV & UAM industry that we use to propose innovative solutions, keeping the Veronte ecosystem at the forefront of the sector.