The future of UAVs in logistic industry

February 19, 2021

The future of UAVs in logistic industry

February 19, 2021
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The development of artificial intelligence is highly relationed with the logistics industry, so it will soon become a representative model for delivery and distribution activities.

Compared with the ground transportation, UAVs are more useful, faster and more efficient. Traffic jams, congested roads or the delivery itself in remote areas, makes the ground transportation inefficient, expensive and of course very polluting, causing very often long delays that at the same time makes losing money. Under these circumstances, transportation with UAVs is presented as a fantastic option to replace current methods and help sustainability.


UAVs categories in logistic

The logistics with UAVs can be subdivided into different categories such as Cargo UAVs, UAV Express or UAV warehouse operation.

  • Cargo UAV: This includes mainly all kinds of cargo activities and sort of deliveries, like for example, cargo activities over populated areas, in remote isolated areas such as islands, and also it includes the distribution between logistics centres.
  • UAV express: For this kind of service the flight time is more reduced with a light payload for the transport of small objects. The most common applications in this area include the delivery of emergency products such as medical material, medicines, etc.
  • Warehouse operations: UAVs play a central role in the automation of current warehouses. In this case, it is of great help for inventory management, intra-logistics of the different items or inspection and surveillance tasks.


At present, in the field of UAV logistics, the multi-rotor drone is proving to be the most popular and efficient option due to its high manoeuvrability. They can indeed deliver packages by landing at a concrete location or doing an “in-air delivery”.

In this sense, the M600WP produced by Embention is one of the most representative multirotor drones in the market. It has been especially designed to stand harsh weather conditions and critical environments.

As could not be otherwise, Veronte Autopilot 1x is its core. It provides fully autonomous flight capabilities, and permits to fully automate the UAV operation. Thanks to this, it can effectively solve all the problems in logistic applications and delivery scenarios, becoming one of the most valuable solutions in the market nowadays.

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