Training in the use of UAS/RPAs Service
Embention is in the UAV & RPAS industry since 2007, during these years the company has acquired a high degree of expertise in the control of unmanned systems for many different applications: mapping, agriculture, architecture, surveillance, firefighting…Now we put our experience at your disposal so you can become an experienced UAV & RPAS operator. Our team covers main areas of UAV & RPAS systems: Integration, configuration, operation & maintenance. Providing a close customer support in any of them.

Training in the use of UAS - RPAS service - Runway

UAS & RPAS training Courses

Most of our customers seeking to get a high degree of expertise in the operation of UAS & RPAS powered by Veronte Autopilot just take one of our standard training courses for professional use of the autopilot.

If you wish to go a step forward and get a customized training course, just let us know your needs. Our support team will design a training course adapted to your specific needs. It will cover all aspects of your system and needs so you can get the best of your aircraft and operate it safely.

Courses can be fully customized to your requirements so your team can learn on: Veronte Autopilot installation and configuration, system operation, gain tuning, performance customization, custom payload integration, control & flight phase definition, custom automatizations for defining automatic actions and events, aircraft maintenance, manual and assisted manual control, etc.

Our courses can be performed at our main headquarters in Spain or at your own location. Our team is continuously flying around the world and will be glad to share some days at your facilities.

Just choose one of our Veronte Autopilot training courses or contact our team for a custom training program adapted to your needs.

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