Integration & Operation Training for Drones

Drone operation, integration and maintenance training adapted to all kinds of UAV & RPAS systems. Including simulation, office lessons and real flight practice for obtaining a certificate of achievement.

Embention works in the Drone, UAV & RPAS industry since 2007. During these years the company has acquired high expertise in the integration and control of unmanned & autonomous systems for many applications: mapping, agriculture, architecture, surveillance, firefighting…

We are now putting our experience at your disposal so you can become an experienced drone & RPAS integrator and operator. Our team covers main areas of UAV & RPAS systems: Integration, configuration, operation & maintenance.

Training in the use of UAS - RPAS service - Runway

Drone Training For Integration & Operation

Embention offers training courses for drone integration and operation. It covers all the steps needed to acquire a deep understanding of the Veronte Autopilot installation and on the configuration and operation tools available. During the training both, HIL simulator office training and real flight training are performed.

Custom training courses are also available for acquiring proficient skills in guidance, navigation & control (GNC), aircraft assembly, drone wiring… Please contact our team to define a drone course tailored to your needs.

Features On Drone Integration & Operation Training

Our drone integration and operation training courses are aimed at the most demanding professional drone manufacturers.

  • Drone assembly and integration courses.
  • Autopilot installation and tuning.
  • Payload and device configuration and management.
  • Drone operation and flight practice.
  • Extended HIL simulation practice.
  • Simulation model generation and modifications.
  • Fixed-wing, multirotor VTOL, or helicopter training.
  • Mapping, Search & Rescue and all kinds of applications.
  • Customized syllabus according to user needs and experience.
  • Training material and after training support.
  • Achievement diploma after the course.