The core competency at Embention is the development of control systems for UAVs and unmanned vehicles. Over the years Embention has acquired a strong degree of expertise in the development of autopilots for autonomous systems.

Veronte Autopilot is one of the outstanding products in the company, present since the beginnings the company in 2007. Since then it has been adapted multiple times for specific requirements.

The obtained experience provides us with the ability and knowledge to adapt Veronte Autopilot technology for customised control systems, compatibles with any vehicle. Veronte Autopilot units are in use worldwide for: fixed wing airplanes, helicopters, multirotors, hybrid VTOL systems, boats, cars, paragliders…


Autopilots and Control Electronics

Custom control systems can be customized in both hardware and software for fulfilling the most demanding needs. Some examples of autopilot customizations are:

  • Custom redundant control systems including IMU or full autopilot redundancy. Available in dual, triple or even more redundant configurations.
  • Electronics for managing fully redundant systems: power management, servo redundancy, backup motors…
  • Fail-Safe and FTS (Flight Termination Systems) integration.
  • Integration with external modules and devices: cameras, spraying systems, motors, variable pitch propellers, transponders, sensors…
  • Particular control modes for specific applications and operations: sea-skimming, crop field spraying, acrobatics and custom figures…
  • Custom control systems for non-standard vehicles can also be developed, including control for the most innovative vehicle configurations.
  • Ground Station integrations: cabin like stations, truck based control stations, control station networks…
  • Compliance with specific regulations for hardware and software certification.
  • Custom GNC algorithms for the control of any autonomous device.
  • Personalized control station layout and user interface tools.
  • Customer branding, including custom logos and trademarks in both hardware and software.

Embention has already developed custom control systems for various projects: EKO (Triple redundant autopilot in compliance with DO178 & DO254), HADA (Custom control system for a hybrid aircraft combining an airplane and a helicopter), MIURA (Guidance kit for high speed devices), Flamingo (Control system for a firefighting bomb), etc…

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Please let us know more about your specific needs for a custom control system and our engineers will be glad to help you reaching your goals.

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