Customized Certified Drone Electronics

Development PMU (Power Management Unit), ESC, DC/DC, valve control, or other custom made certified electronics for UAV and eVTOL systems, in compliance with main aviation standards such as DO178, DO254, DO160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and others.

Embention develops electronics and critical systems for drones, UAVs, RPAS & eVTOL since 2007. Starting with the development of a customized guidance kit for airships, Embention has fully developed PMUs, ESCs, expansion boards, flare activation boards, autopilots, level shifters, DC/DC, interfacing boards and many others.

All these developments are performed according to the main standards required by aviation authorities (DO178, DO254, STANAG, MIL-STD, DO160…) and include high grade industrial and aircraft grade materials in order that evidence for certification can be generated.

Maintenance technician for avionics and electronics in Embention

Design & Manufacturing Of Certified Electronics For Drones

With more than 50 engineers in different areas: aircraft, telecommunications, software, hardware, testing… Embention develops certifiable critical electronics for Drones and eVTOL.

  • PMU: Power Management Units
  • Power Converters: DC/DC, AC/DC, AC/AC…
  • Autopilots: multirotor, fixed-wing, helicopter, hybrid, VTOL, eVTOL, UGV, USV…
  • I/O Boards: Payload activation, expansion ports, wire reduction…

All this with a high grade of reliability and certification so it can be used in manned and unmanned vehicles and accomplish with the aviation standards for certification.

Features For Certified Drone Electronics Development

Our team has vast experience and is equipped with state of the art technology for the development of custom made electronics for drones and eVTOL.

  • Hardware, software and mechanical design for full product development.
  • Dedicated testing team for the validation and verification test performance.
  • Design and manufacturing documentation with product traceability.
  • Compliance with DO178, DO254, STANAG and other standards for certifications.
  • Configuration and operation training and support included with the development.