UAV Instruments professional aerial photography

UAV Instruments

The potential of an autopiloted drone at the service of professional aerial photography.

The constant development of technology in the drone sector permits to use it not only in the military industry, but also on the civil field and ever more with a bigger impact when it is used for professional purposes. That’s the mapping case, process through which professionals who need a detailed study about a ground/field/surface, are able to obtain maps with great precision from huge terrain extensions. This is done through the ordered union of photographies using software for image post-processing.

UAV Instruments professional aerial photography

The company UAV Instruments develops 3 different systems, all they focused on mapping. On the aircraft portfolio we can find multirotors, fixed wing aircrafts and paramotors; all they installing the same control flight electronics and payload. On this way, the versatility of the system is maximized, as well as costs are reduced, allowing to use a single ground station, avionic, camera and so on for every platform.
The Veronte Autopilot permits to control every aircraft just loading the correct configuration on each of them. At the same time, it provides functionalities to the system for the use of drones for mapping: accurate RTL positioning, advanced control of cameras, gimbal control for image stabilization, design tools for specific missions and so on.

Mapping solutions of UAV Instruments, managed by the Veronte Autopilot, provides a great versatility which allows to use the most suitable fuselage for every mission depending on the distance to fly, the needed flight time, wind intensity and other variables.