Surface vehicle development including fully autonomous control to be used as target vehicle for military target practice in naval operations.

SPAYK systems are developed for performing naval operations with military forces. This USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) target provides a highly versatile, cost effective solution for target practice within offshore operations.
This autonomous system installs an autopilot equipped with IMU and GPS sensors, providing accurate positioning for the performance of predefined autonomous routes. SPAYK is capable of reaching 30 kt speeds with a 3h endurance performing fully automatic unmanned operations.

Multiple configurations are available for custom purposes, being even possible to install a tow target 50m behind, so the primary vehicle stands undamaged during the operation. Compatible subsystems are: real time cameras, visual signals, radar amplifiers, smoke generators…

SPAYK USV Surface vehicle

In order to provide the SPAYK with autonomous control capabilities, IP67 protected Veronte Autopilot has been installed. In this way, a custom route can be designed on the control station, being as simple as drawing lines and curves on the map.
Custom performance has been configured in the system according to military force needs on this kind of operations. The system is capable of performing autonomous operations following the predefined route, including also some extra capabilities, such as: follow me operations, perform a complete mission moving with the matrix boat, high speed straight line cruise…

Sailing navigation algorithms have also been incorporated to the system; defining curve based smooth turns for avoiding boat capsizing. Assisted manual control is also possible for approach maneuvers and on mission manual control.

Safety area integration is one of the main features on the system. The autopilot permits to configure an area surrounding the matrix boat, in which all crew is located, so the target vehicle will never enter this area while sailing autonomously. Furthermore, it will never activate chaffs or other devices meanwhile inside safety area. For increased safety, a panic button can be installed on the control station, permitting the operator to stop all systems in case there is any safety issue.

Embention collaborates in this project for the integration of Veronte Autopilot and electronics within the unmanned boats, being SCR in charge of surface vehicle development and system management.

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