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VTOL/HTOL hybrid UAV concept, combining fixed wing efficiency with the flight versatility of a vertical takeoff and landing.

Embention collaborates with Dronetech to improve their hybrid aircraft concept, combining a dual engine fixed wing layout, with eight electric motors, enabling vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.  These motors are installed on highly aerodynamic pods located under the aircraft wings, allowing both, conventional fixed wing and vertical takeoff and landing flight modes.

The goal of this project is to achieve full autonomy in a highly versatile system, with improved endurance and unmatched reliability, while integrating unparallel critical systems redundancy. It is achieved by combining a high degree of expertise in unmanned aircraft systems, a highly innovative UAV design and state-of-the art components, all this focused on real market needs.

The Pelican project is market ready.

elican project - Embention

A single Veronte Autopilot unit is used in the Pelican fixed wing hybrid UAV, to provide autonomous flight capabilities. Thanks to the highly configurable software, custom flight phases have been configured to control both fixed wing HTOL and VTOL flight modes.

Aircraft construction includes not only the VTOL configuration but also fixed wing landing gear. It provides the versatility to autonomously takeoff and landing in both VTOL configuration and by using a runway (HTOL). With this layout, the system becomes fully autonomous in both configurations.

Having just one control system installed on the aircraft improves transition between available flight modes. Smooth transitions have been configured for VTOL to HTOL and HTOL to VTOL switch. This innovative development permits to combine the required fixed wing and rotary wing control modes during the transition, reducing risks and abrupt maneuvers.

Multiple layouts and transition flight modes are tested by the project development team, reaching the best configuration for desired performance with different available configurations and missions. Semiautomatic flight modes have also been configured enabling semi-automatic flight modes, in which some system variables are autonomously controlled from the autopilot while others are manually controlled from the command console.

Embention participates in this project as control system electronics supplier, being the aircraft design and management in charge of Dronetech.


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