ZAREK – SDLE hybrid drone


Drone control with vertical auto-take-off and landing and fixed wing flight.

The increasing consciousness of the potential of the drone sector in society, causes the increasing application and use of unmanned vehicles in a vast quantity of situations that, ever more, ask for new and more exigent functionalities, being one of them the versatility on the takeoff and landing, either vertically (from helicopters) or horizontally (from airplanes). It is in this situation where hybrid drones come into play, which are able to take off and land on both ways depending on the needs of the mission.

It was this new need that gave place to the birth of the collaboration between Embention and Star Defense & Logistics (SDLE), a military and defense industry company, with the goal of developing an unmanned aerial vehicle able to accomplish the expected features of hybrid drones.

ZAREK – SDLE hybrid drone

This way, a hybrid drone with an electronic injection engine was created, destined to surveillance missions with dual precision camera and long range datalink, but where this product stands out is on the the functionalities provided by Embention’s star product: Veronte Autopilot.

Through Veronte Autopilot, the UAV developed side by side with SDLE not only has the usual features of the autopilot, such as gimbal stabilization, 4G communications or correction of routes after gusts for every kind of mission, but also gets the most out of the hybrid nature of the drone. Through the Veronte Autopilot it’s possible to program totally automatic transitions, permitting to change autonomously the kind of flight from vertical to horizontal and vice versa, depending on the needs detected by the autopilot during the mission. All that with a single autopilot.

Thus, the capacity of Embention and the quality of its Veronte Autopilot to get the most out of hybrid drones, has been proved through its successful collaboration with SDLE on the commented project.

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