Heavy Lift Platform - Parallel


A UAS that combines heavy lifting drone with long flight duration.

Parallel Flight Technologies Firefly is a radical UAS that combines an exceedingly heavy lifting drone with long flight duration. 

The heavy lift platform is fully redundant, which therefore allows the UAV to continue flying in the event of an engine failure. The design and architecture of this system opens up new possibilities and a wide range of applications in society.


Firefly opens new possibilities

The great majority of existing drones can only carry heavy loads for approximately 15 minutes, nevertheless, Parallel Flight Technologies new Firefly can carry heavy-payloads for a much longer period of time. This specific aspect of the platform unlocks new possibilities for unmanned logistics, search-and-rescue, firefighting and heavy sensor applications.

In recent years, UAVs are becoming a critical tool in many aspects of public safety, such as firefighting, rescue services and many others. Fire departments are beginning to see large benefits from the use of UAVs during structure fires and search and rescue missions. Unlike common helicopters, unmanned vehicles can show operators where the hotspots are, and also have the ability to navigate through smoke and in low light conditions. Parallel Flight Technologies unmanned systems help firefighters in the field by delivering critical supplies such as tools, fuel, food and water. They are currently developing a solution for spot fire suppression, enabling drones to locate and drop water directly onto spot fires when manned aircraft are grounded. 

Drone delivery is also changing healthcare logistics, allowing large-scale deliveries of blood, long-tail medicines, medical samples and even organs. Parallel Flight Technologies heavy lift, long duration solution is ideal for this application. By using smart logistics technology, they will be able to launch their drones from customizable hubs, providing deliveries to even the most remote and rural locations. 

When it comes to the logistics industry, UAVs provide an efficient delivery process and the capability of making an inventory in a logistics warehouse. Firefly provides advanced solutions for infrastructure, renewable energy, construction, environmental protection and remote logistics. 

Parallel Flight is currently flight testing a beta-level drone that can carry 100 pounds of payload and plans to deliver aircraft to select customers in late 2021. Parallel Flight also plans to develop larger versions of the aircraft with payload capabilities of 200 pounds and 400 pounds.

Heavy Lift Platform - Parallel

Veronte Autopilot for the control of Firefly

The control of the heavy lifting, long duration UAV is performed fully autonomously with the installation of a high performance autopilot system, Embention’s Veronte Autopilot. The system is developed according to DO178 & DO254 standards, ensuring reliability and making the flight safe even in the event of failure.

Veronte Autopilot’s state-of-the-art technology can be easily adapted to all kinds of drone systems. The adaptive control algorithms optimize the flight performance on various flight scenarios, and under different payload conditions. This versatility also provides tools so delivery missions can be easily customized according to the end user needs. Inflight delivery, land and release or reel delivery can be quickly configured to meet customer needs.