GT20 Gyrocopter , the first gyrocopter drone from Aerial Robotics.

The Gyrotrak GT20 is the first gyrocopter drone from Aerial Robotics, having a technical performance far from any other UAV in the drone industry. With an innovative gyrocopter design, the GT20 can operate in reduced areas, thanks to the vertical takeoff and landing capability, maintaining a long endurance capacity. It has been designed to operate fully automated missions in all kinds of weather conditions. 

The Gyrotrak can take off, hover and land vertically and fly at speeds up to 150km/h. With an empty weight of 7.5kg and a maximum take-off weight of 20kg, it’s a serious cargo and inspection platform. Furthermore, its all-electric flight time is up to 2.5 hours, depending on payload and environmental factors.


Commercial UAV applications

Gyrotraks design and configuration ensures flexibility of a highly modular system architecture for the airframe, as well as the software, in order to adapt to different task and mission requirements. 

The Gyrotrak has a wide range of commercial UAV applications due to its long flight time and multiple payload, such as surveillance, transportation and inspection. It is a real surveillance system, used from police to fire fighters. Depending on the needed flight time and task load the pilot can decide to carry one of three battery sizes with different power outputs.

Powered by Veronte Autopilot

GT20 is equipped with one of the safest Autopilot systems in the world, Embentions Veronte. Veronte Autopilot ensures the GT20 multiple levels of redundancy and provides DO-178/ED- 12 software and DO-254 hardware compliance, the most demanding aeronautical regulations for onboard electronics. This Autopilot is a miniaturized high reliability avionic system which includes a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors.

The Ground Control Station is also powered by Embentions Veronte Pipe software designed for operating the Veronte Autopilot. This software allows users to achieve a combination of easy-to-use application, real-time response and most importantly, safe operation. It allows redirection of stick and PC data to the air segment and manages bidirectional communication between GCS and Gyrotrak. GCS hardware is stored safely in a hard case and there are multiple options to equip the ground control station with different sticks, switches, and buttons, as well as additional monitors.