Flying basket

FB3 Cargo Drone

Thanks to projects like the one of FlyingBasket, drone transportation is having a positive impact on society.

FlyingBasket is an innovative drone company based in the Italian Alps, which designs, produces and operates cargo drones for load lifting and logistics applications. The company was founded in 2015 and since its inception has become a benchmark in the commercial cargo drone industry.

The FB3 cargo drone designed by FlyingBasket is an UAV that carries heavy payloads up to 100kg to mountainous areas and other remote areas that are difficult to access with conventional motorized vehicles. Embention’s Veronte Autopilot allows the cargo drone to fly with a high level of safety standards.


FB3 Architecture

The delivery aircraft has been designed with an architecture conformed by 8 rotors, which makes it a safe and reliable UAV, given that if one of the rotors fails in flight, the others will keep the drone in the air preventing any catastrophic effect due to the motor failure. Also, the embedded Veronte Autopilot adds to the system the intelligence needed to perform autonomous missions to hard-to-reach areas.

The FB3 has been designed with a robust aluminum structure, allowing it to operate in harsh weather conditions, such as low temperatures and high altitudes. The redundant construction and robust design make it suitable for a wide range of applications with different demands, such as load lifting and transportation for civil protection, construction, forestry, energy and telecommunication missions, monitoring and many other types of services and use cases.
Veronte Autopilot has been carefully integrated, configuring all the flight parameters, control phases, automatic routines, fail safe and control laws to ensure the operation of the drone according to its mechanical characteristics and the needs of its missions.

FB3 Drone de carga


Safety is one of the main priorities of FlyingBasket. For this reason, the company works closely with EASA and ENAC to ensure that all required aviation measures regarding their drones are met. In addition, the Veronte System integrated in the FB3 has been designed and manufactured following the strictest safety and quality standards, which provides the UAV with high reliability and safety mechanisms.

FlyingBasket has taken care of all safety and reliability aspects from the earliest drone design phases. Applying traditional aviation methodologies to the UAV’s sector to guarantee safety. From the autopilot’s point of view, compliance with the DO178C and DO254 regulations with the DAL B compliance level guarantees the reliability of the electronics, thus facilitating the certification process and ensuring safety. FlyingBasket believes that the FB3 cargo drone will be positive game changer for our society and will give us access to transportation and lifting services that otherwise would have been difficult and costly to attain. Not only will the drone transportation bring safety to the next level, as the drones will become completely automated, but it will also reduce costs and emissions by contributing to a clearer sky.