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OPV - Optionally Piloted

OPV – Optionally Piloted
OPV – Optionally Piloted
    • Full Veronte autopilot performance in your Optionally Piloted Vehicle
    • Any time manual flight control
    • Mechanical or fly-by-wire installation options
    • Quick automatic/manual switching
    • Onboard mission planning and Veronte flight data
    • Control station available at onboard PC, laptop or tablet
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Veronte OPV (Optionally Piloted Vehicle) can be used on manned aircrafts combining the power of a high performance autopilot with onboard manual flight.In order to control manned aircraft using Veronte it is necessary to install a Veronte Air unit onboard. There are 2 different ways of doing it: fly-by-wire or mechanical.To actuate over control surfaces, both options would need some kind of actuator (e.g. electric servomotors) to be installed at some point on the aircraft control mechanisms. Veronte can directly control both PWM and CAN devices. That includes most servos and ECUs worldwide. Other interfaces (ARINC, analog, etc.) could be used with some extra hardware.
  • Fly by Wire:The fly-by-wire option would need sensors on the pilot controls. The main advantage of this option is that by doing this, not only full manual and automatic modes would be available but also assisted and semi-automatic modes. On the other hand, more certification evidences would be needed by Aviation Authorities for airworthiness certification. For certification purposes, Veronte DO-178B / ED-12, DO-254 and DO-160 datapack are available.
  • Mechanical:This option does not need any sensors on the pilot controls. In order to move from manual and automatic flight and vice-versa, it would only be necessary to install a switch for actuator power.
Mission management is exactly the same for both options: fly-by-wire and mechanical.Veronte Pipe is the application used for controlling the helicopter; it is possible to install it in a smartphone, a tablet or a PC using Windows, Linux or Mac. This application will allow the user to enter the flight plan and even reconfigure it during flight.Veronte uses RS232 protocol for connecting to the computer. Different adapters can be used in order to connect: direct RS232 connection for computers including serial port, Wi-Fi adapter for tablets or any Wi-Fi devices, Ethernet for connecting through the Ethernet port, USB for most computer compatibility.