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  • Veronte Motor controller MC280

    Veronte MC280

    Veronte MC280 is a Motor Controller specifically designed for eVTOL systems. This advanced Motor Controller, commonly referred as ESC, is developed according to the DO178C and DO254 certification standards permitting to control electric motors working  in the range of 12-75V with a real continuous current up to 280A.

    The thoughtful design in Veronte MC280 and its redundant control input makes it the perfect solution for eVTOL and large UAVs where failure is not an option. In cooperation with Veronte Autopilot 4x it ensures the maximum efficiency and the required robustness for eVTOL certification in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations.

    Certification Datapack

    Certification Datapack

    IP67 Waterproof

    IP65 Waterproof

    Health Monitoring

    Health Monitoring

    Sensored or Sensorless

    Sensored or Sensorless

    Redundant Input

    Redundant Input

    Sensored & Sensorless Motors

    Compatible with all kinds of motors

    Precise Speed Control

    Accurate FOC control for eVTOL

    Rotation Direction Control

    Clockwise and counterclockwise speed control

    eVTOL Performance

    Veronte MC280 ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) has been optimized for eVTOL and large UAV applications.  It is capable of precisely regulating and controlling the rotational speed of an electric motor. Being compatible with sensorless or sensored (digital encoder or hall effect) motors.

    The speed variation in the high power motor controller is achieved by adjusting the time between pulses of current that is delivered to the different motor windings. In addition, it includes active braking and regenerative brakes as well as it permits to reverse the rotation sense.

    Configurable Motor Controller

    Following the philosophy in the Veronte Ecosystem, MC280 includes a wide variety of configuration parameters for the optimization of the motor control. It can work with electric motors of any brand, any size and with or without sensors with the maximum grade of efficiency.  

    Acceleration curve, motor parameters, RPM limit, or braking force are some of the configurable parameters in the Veoronte Motor Controller that permits to optimize the performance. Advanced FOC control algorithms and sensing technology is also used for reducing power consumption and extending battery life.

    Operational Flexibility

    Configurable ESC for eVTOL

    Any Vehicle Layout

    Precise speed control and motor direction

    Optimization Service

    Capacitor optimization and custom solutions

    DO178C & DO254

    Hardware and software reliability with DAL-B


    Waterproof and aluminium enclosure


    Advanced certification datapack for eVTOL


    MC280 proper design is essential for the correct operation of eVTOL aircraft in order to ensure the maximum flight efficiency and the required robustness for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations. In addition, its high-quality components and its redundant systems allow it to grant the DO178C and DO254 compliance up to DAL B.

    It is manufactured following a strict ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) including an ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) test being possible to prove ESC reliability to the authorities, providing MTBF calculations, ATR (Acceptance Test Reports), COC (Certificate Of Conformity), DO178 (PSAC, SDP, SQAP, etc.) and DO254 (PHAC, HVVP, HTP, etc.)

    State of the art

    Veronte eVTOL ESC stands out mainly for the robustness of its design and construction. The operating voltage covers a wide range between 12-75V with a real continuous motor current up to 280A. The DO254 hardware design provides a unique MTBF, all this in an IP65 aluminium enclosure.

    With its Field Oriented Control algorithm, MC280 is able to get high efficiency rates and a highly stable torque coefficient. Its enhanced performance microprocessor and its redundancy in communication protocols allows a continuous and accurate speed management ensuring high reliability.

    Veronte Motor controller MC280

    Field Oriented Control (FOC)

    Wide Voltage range

    IP65 Waterproof

    Certification datapack




    Input voltage range


    Input current (Cont)


    Input current (5s Peak)


    Sensorless Motors


    Sensored Motors

    Hall sensors

    Digital incremental encoders


    Air (Fan optional)


    Programmable acceleration curve

    Motor direction

    Overvoltage threshold

    Overcurrent threshold

    Overtemperature threshold

    Max. RPM (limit)

    Braking force

    Duty Cycle


    2x CAN Bus

    3x PWM

    UART TTL 3.3V

    Redundant Control



    ESC temperature


    Input Voltage

    Input/Output current

    Data recording


    Regenerative Brake



    DO178C Software DAL B

    DO254 Hardware DAL B


    IP65 Aluminium


    Acceptance Test Report (ATP)

    Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

    Certificate Of Compliance (COC)

    MTBF (Optional)

    Certification datapack (optional)




    91x148x46 mm