UAM - Urban Air Mobility

  • 4x Redundant Control System
  • DO178 & DO254 Compliance
  • UTM Integration
  • Sense & Avoid
  • UAM, EVTOL, Urban Transport

Autopilot for UAM

Urban Air Mobility industry combines the drone versatility requirement with the strict safety needs from manned aviation. 4x Veronte Autopilot has been designed to accomplish the most demanding functional and safety requirements being the preferred choice when seeking for an autopilot for Urban Air Mobility.4x Veronte Autopilot is a proven solution for Autonomous Urban Transport installed in hundreds of manned and unmanned vehicles as the core of the autonomous system and used in certification processes worldwide. 

Advanced Layouts

Veronte Autopilot has been designed with a flexible architecture so it can manage the control of any vehicle for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The redundant 4x Veronte Autopilot can be easily configured for a wide variety of eVTOL layouts (multirotor, fixed-wing, flying bike, tilting systems…).Onboard and remote assisted manual controls and joysticks can be easily attached to the system. Not all pilots have the same skills or experience. For this reason, Veronte Autopilot permits to define users with different flight capabilities such as speed, flight altitude, acceleration, flight area… 


4x Veronte Autopilot is a high-reliability redundant control system for eVTOL and UAM. It includes three complete autopilot modules and inputs for an external forth autopilot core.Redundancy is managed by a dedicated arbiter board running advanced voting algorithms and switching the control in case it detects a system failure.Failure is not an option in UAM operations. This redundant control system has been designed with no single point of failure and using high-grade aerospace components with high MTBF values. It maximizes the reliability for UAM operations.Failsafe can be configured in the system and it is possible to define no go areas for preventing users to get out of the safe flight zones or skyways.


Autopilot design and reliability documentation are available for eVTOL certification so it can be submitted to the certification authorities for proving control electronics reliability as part of a certification process under EASA SC-VTOL, PART 23 or other regulations.Certification datapack for Veronte Autopilot includes compliance with DO178C (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification) and DO254 (Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware) standards.Environmental testing according to DO160G & CEI 60529 is also available for proving weather and electromagnetic (EMI / EMC) resistance of the Veronte Autopilot. 


Embention is a pioneer in the UTM & ATC integration. The Veronte Autopilot embeds an ADS-B IN & OUT transceiver so all vehicles installing the Veronte Autopilot can be part of the Air Traffic Control.The ADS-B OUT transmits eVTOL position to be detected by other aircraft flying nearby or by the control towers. The ADS-B IN permits to receive the position of collaborative traffic, including manned and unmanned vehicles, performing automatic avoidance functions and displaying the information to the onboard operator and the control centre for taking manual decisions. 

Sense & Avoid

The embedded ADS-B transceiver in the Veronte Autopilot is used for collaborative Sense & Avoid. The eVTOL system will perform autonomous avoidance manoeuvres based on the position and speed of nearby aircraft.For avoiding collisions with these vehicles and obstacles which are not equipped with an ADS-B, the Veronte Autopilot is compatible with a suite of sensors for obstacle detection.Radar, LIDAR, Cameras and any other obstacle detection source can be used for environmental sensing and for performing fully autonomous avoidance manoeuvres on a risk situation detection.Avoidance manoeuvre algorithms are based in virtual force repealing fields repealing the eVTOL system from the obstacle following the optimal route to go back to the predefined track. 


In the near future, thousands of eVTOL vehicles will populate our skies. Veronte Cloud servers use the aircraft information coming through the internet for managing large fleets of vehicles.The 4x Veronte Autopilot installs 4G/5G technology for ensuring the connectivity of the eVTOL with the internet. A triple-redundant datalink is installed in the autopilot for interfacing with the cloud. Veronte Cloud can interface with weather, UTM, restricted area, etc. databases so this information is taken into account for automatic route generation.SATCOM and LOS datalink technology is also available with the Veronte Autopilot for projects having different communications needs. 

Ground Control Centre

eVTOL fleets are controlled from a common control centre in the ground. This control centre can receive the information form all vehicles and match it with the information from ATC and other databases for monitoring the flight status.These tools for fleet management also permits to command the eVTOL in remote so the vehicles can be relocated according to the Urban Air Transport requirements. It is of special interest for Air Taxi applications.


UAM – Urban Air Mobility


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